Junior Earplug Adventures: The Grand Tour (Part Five)

Climbing from his landing craft, Ballington set off immediately along the chill quay…

Of course he’d meant to make shore in warmer climes, but the momentary telepathic connection with another cork had led the delusional wally to the coast that bordered the pea farming area, which lay at the foot of the mountains, upon which Buttox Barkingwell’s Time Shard Museum of Future Technology lay, partially buried, in the ice…

Making best speed through appalling weather, Ballington quickly espied the Wandering Metal Worker’s encampment…

Stopping by an unlocked domicile, he helped himself to the lavatory…

…before continuing his journey – finally arriving at the semi-abandoned museum several hours later…

Upon the roof, Hambledon Bohannon was searching for his recently acquired plugmutts, Blarg and Rooster…

“Blarg.” He called. “Rooster. Let’s get down. Huh!”

He’d already decided to visit his Aunt Mildred, who had, surprisingly, married a pea farmer several days earlier, and so took Blarg and Rooster straight to the recently renovated Earplug Transfer Conduit Station…

…where he was confronted by Ballington.

“You called to me with your mind.” Ballington informed the surprised former king of disco. “We are one. Together we will rule this edifice. Then we will move to the proper Museum of Future Technology. It is our destiny. Together we will act like a force of nature. All earplugdom will quake at the mention of our names.”

Naturally Hambledon reacted in the manner he though most appropriate…

He blew a huge raspberry.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018



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