Do Ya Think…?

“Here, Dave; do ya think Tooty Nolan will ever write that thirtieth Earplug Adventure, he keeps promising?”

“Dunno, Brian: how about asking those guys over there.”

“What? You mean there’s some question over it? Some concern?  No-no-no: as far as we’re concerned, he’d better: this is our one chance at Internet immortality!”

2 thoughts on “Do Ya Think…?”

  1. Yeah Dave..what is that tooty Nolan up to in he’s attic, I’m waiting patiently for this next Earplug Adventure……hang on minute I do believe he’s just posted the first part,the Grand tour….. fantastic!

    1. That’s what I like to hear. Sadly they wont be coming quite so thick and fast as usual; but at least I’m up and running. Or should that read ‘hobbling’?

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