Photography: Dark Light: When Dead Cameras Return to Life

I collect old digital cameras. Recently I came across an Olympus FE4000. With no battery inside it, I had no idea if it worked; but I bought it anyway. Two weeks later a battery arrived from Germany. Cheering, as the camera sprang into cybernetic life, my joy was dampened when I took one of my usual camera test shots and discovered that the White Balance was stuck on Minus 2…


This feeling was tempered by the thought that this is still an excellent picture. And it was extinguished entirely when I discovered that I could adjust the non-functioning WB facility by the simple expedient of doing a factory restart in the setting program. I’ve found that buying old cameras is a bit of a gamble; but so far it has paid off handsomely. Ebay and my local charity shops must adore me. Now to see if I can get that old Fuji F455 working…

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