Who? You and Your iPad Too!

Have you ever wondered what an Earplug Adventure looks like on a tablet or e-reader?

If you have, I imagine you’d expect it to appear pretty damned wonderful. Well, for those of you who have wondered, but failed miserably to do anything about it, here are a series of pictures that show exactly what an earplug story looks like. For the purposes of this educational montage, I have chosen the Apple iPad.

You’ve visited the Apple iBookstore. You’ve downloaded the file…


You’ve checked out the Index…

…and decided foolishly to forego the Prologue. Instead you’ve chosen to jump straight to Chapter One…

Despite missing the important introduction, you’ve quickly figured out what’s going on and begin to enjoy the sort of fiction that not one of the six billion human beings co-existing with the author upon this planet have yet to write. You discover that you are reading something quite unique…


At which point you decide to share your discovery with all your many friends upon the Internet via Facebook, Twitter and all those other, slightly less well-known, social media sites. Well at least I hope you do: I’m not selling enough books and I kinda need a helping hand!

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