The Next Earplug Adventure: An Update

Recently the three words Shooting; Moving; and Apace are not those that accurately describe the progress of the next earplug fantasy tale. In fact I’ve been dragging my heels somewhat. Giving myself a bit of break, I call it. I’ve been a little moribund of late. Health issues, you understand. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve been inactive: there are a few shots ‘in the can’: and here’s ten of ’em…

Look vaguely interesting? Good; the next series will make it here eventually. Meanwhile why not treat yourself to an e-book or two? They’re very nice, you know…

Gosh, aren’t there a lot of them!



  1. Looks promising.I count 27books,but on your previous post you said it was your 29 Earplug your next one will be your 30th….what an achievement my friend..

    • Thank you. It’s strange sort of achievement, Image…there are something like six billion human beings on this planet…and only one of them writes Earplug Adventures. So why don’t I feel rather special? Maybe there’s a reason why all the others don’t do what I do. Regarding books – there are so many I either miscounted or I missed out a couple of book covers. With so many it doesn’t really matter.
      P.S I just checked. I missed Plunging into Peril and Those Magnificent Earplugs. 29 it is!

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