Junior Earplug Adventures: Winning Numbers (Part Thirty-Seven)

The next stop for the heroic young earplug and his extraterrestrial chum was the Tunnel Temporal and its keepers, the Time Techs from the future…

“Hello, Time Techs.” Chester said in his cheerful way. “Please excuse my use of the group moniker, but as individuals you simply blur in my mind and I can’t tell one from the other. But that’s by-the-by: I have a huge problem: would you like to hear about it?”

Well naturally, being from the future and existing in a highly evolved state, the Time Techs couldn’t resist a cerebral challenge. “Yo, go for it, Chester!” They said as one.

So Chester explained that he and Onlie needed to cross interstellar space, to an unexplored region of space, to join the disabled K T Woo, and – hopefully – return Onlie to her rightful place in the cosmos. “Unfortunately we don’t have access to a star ship.” Chester concluded. “Do you three whizz-bangs have any ideas?”

Without a word or a second thought, the three Time Techs disappeared into an ante-room and put their heads together…

The task was evidentially Herculean because – in Chester’s mental time-frame at least – it seemed to take an eternity to complete. He began to wonder if it would take all of space and time to grind to a halt before the trio delivered an answer…

But after five or six minutes they returned with a plan…

“Your brother, Magnuss, traversed inter-dimensional space by going really fast through the Tunnel Temporal.” The Chief Time Tech spoke after reacquainting Chester with the here and now by giving him a good prod in the shoulder with his laser pointer. “But you don’t wanna do that. We’ve also been considering what Onlie saw during her transit of the trans-dimensional space region – that being the dancing girls from an alternate Museum of Future Technology. Well we’ve been merging our futuristic brains together and we figured that the only combination of devices capable of diverting someone through that particular medium are a time machine and PO9 2NT – which, as anyone knows, is a very important part aboard star ships. So we propose that you walk very slowly through the Tunnel and let the K T Woo’s PO9 2NT draw you to it. Of course the plan is riddled with complex issues that can’t be ironed out in the next five minutes; but, fundamentally, it should work. Are you game?”

“Hah!” Chester responded eloquently. “I’m game for anything. My middle name is ‘Risk’ after all.”

“Is it?” A surprised Onlie enquired. “You never mentioned that. I think I’d mention that to a complete stranger, if I had a name like that.”

“No, actually is isn’t.” Chester was forced to confess, as they strolled towards the gaping maw of the Tunnel Temporal…

…”It’s ‘Wrist‘. But that’s a stupid name – if slightly similar phonetically. I prefer ‘Risk‘: it suggests daring and careless abandonment of one’s personal safety, so prevalent in our risk-averse society.”

Then as they came closer and closer to the remarkable (and extremely temperamental) time machine from the distant future…

…the Time Techs distanced themselves from the intrepid duo. And when a loud ‘thrum‘ filled the air, and the lighting became disturbingly reddish in hue…

…Chester and Onlie knew that there was no turning back. The journey had begun.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018



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