Junior Earplug Adventures: Winning Numbers (Part Thirty-Six)

Meanwhile, far, far away…

…Chester and Onlie had finished a perfectly ghastly cup of coffee and had returned to the Omnipresent Scanner. Onlie had never seen anything like the wondrous machine, which amused Chester. But as the alien guest continued to whitter on about the magical properties of the device from the future, he began to get a bit fed up…

“For flip’s sake.” He hissed through the side of his mouth. “Shut your gob and start imagining where you want the scanner to look. Start with your stupid planet.”

Quickly realising that she was being unprofessional, Onlie brought her emotions under control. “Is that all I have to do? Imagine where I want to look, and this…this marvel of earplug design will find it for me?”

“Pretty much.” A relieved Chester replied. “So let’s get this show on the road.”

Moments later…

…the grinning face of the Supreme Being appeared.

“Oi.” The Supreme Being hissed through gnashing teeth. “Sod off, you nosey gits.”

“Oops, sorry.” Chester whispered to Onlie. “My mind was wandering. I’ll try to concentrate henceforth. Carry on, Onlie.”

Seconds later…

…a region of space that was utterly foreign to Chester appeared on-screen.

“Ooh, this looks hopeful.” Chester said…er…hopefully. “Next.”

Next brought up…

“A space ship.” Onlie observed.

Chester smiled. “Not just a space ship.” He replied. “But a star ship – capable of trans-galactic travel. And if I’ve got my star ship identification right – that is none other than the K T Woo. I wonder why it’s just sitting there in space – with the lights switched off.”

“Let’s look inside.” Onlie suggested. “That might answer your question. Take over, Chester.”

Well it didn’t take long for Chester to get his metaphorical arse into gear…

“Girls.” He cried out. “Pretty ones too. Dancing girls, I’d wager. And if Magnuss’s photos from his last trip into the alternative reality Museum of Future Technology are accurate, I think those must be members of the dance troupe that helped him solve a big mystery there.”

“Ragi; Nokaks: Delia; Poki,” He continued. “Two I can’t remember the names of; and an older one who, I assume, must be their choreographer.”  He then  added excitedly:  “Onlie – I think we’ve found your region of space at the first attempt. Now all we need to find our way there. And I think I know a means of doing just that!”  

So, without wasting another second…

…they hopped from the scanner and gleefully departed the curator’s chamber.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018



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