Junior Earplug Adventures: Winning Numbers (Part Thirty-Five)

The K T Woo had been designed big, which explained why it took so long to get anywhere inside it…

…and why the girls never encountered Don Quibonki and his aide, Panta Lonez, as they strolled behind a pair of female crew members…

…whom Don described as ‘Delightfully flare-hipped’, whilst enjoying the view.

Naturally the female crew members were enjoying it a whole lost less: “Turn left at the next intersection.” The crimson female said to the other. “There’s a large length of two-by-four timber leaning against the water cooler. I’ll kick them in the shins: as they cringe in shock and pain, you hit them over the head with it.”

The Greenhorn Girls also managed to avoid meeting Erroneous Bosche and Hellfire McWilliams…

…as they tried diligently to discover something worth stealing. And also poking their noses into…

…things that didn’t concern them.

In addition the girls failed miserably to bump into Charles and Wolfgang as they discovered a malfunctioning Chariot exploration vehicle…

…that was smoking out the garage compartment, which meant that they also missed the spectacle of the two maintenance earplugs turning their incredible wrench-wielding skills to fix it…

“Flipping heck, this engine is so fabulously smooth now!” The Chariot driver exclaimed. “So smooth and quiet, in fact, that I could go cruising ’round the ship and chatting up girls; and the captain would be none the wiser!”

They would probably have missed Vera Glovebox and Jed Perkins too…

…but they never got the chance, because they’d arrived at the bridge…

Ignoring the fact that a crimson alert was in progress and that the ship appeared to be deaf and blind to events beyond the hull, Margret and the Greenhorn girls put on their best stage smiles and entered with a flurry of false eyelashes and fish net stockings.

“Um, Captain,” Hamish began his introduction awkwardly, “I’d like you to meet some trans-dimensional stowaways. They claim to have a plan to save the ship.”

He might have said more, but Margret shoved him aside and leapt upon the central console…

“Captain Sinclair Brooch.” She addressed the former lawplug loudly and firmly. “It’s time to prove that we aren’t the trigger-happy savages that those guys on that alien ship think we are. We need to show them just how incredibly civilised we are. It’s time to put on a variety show. One that’ll blow their extraterrestrial socks off!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2018  


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