Junior Earplug Adventures: Winning Numbers (Part Fourteen)

Whilst Onlie struggled with her seemingly recalcitrant mind, Margret had pulled herself together and led the girls to a place where she thought she could hear shuffling feet and the huffing and puffing of someone who was insanely bored. This resulted in them arriving at the inner sanctum of…

…the Masters of Chronos.

“Halt,” a helmeted individual, who might have been a guardian, bellowed, “who goes there?” Then, before anyone could reply, he added: “And why?” Then, as an afterthought, he said in a mellower tone: “And how the flipping heck did you find your way here? This place is supposed to be secret.”

Margret replied: “It was marked with an X on my personal museum blueprint. The one I keep beneath my bed, next to my potty and a few porcelain nik-naks that I don’t like on display in the sitting room because they’re rude.”

“An X, you say?” The surprised Guardian said ruminatively. “I once gave a lovely girl a copy of the museum blueprints. It was yonks ago, when I was young. I placed the X there – in the hope that one day she would find her way to me. How did it come into your possession?”

Margret couldn’t speak for several seconds: she was still in shock. Eventually she managed: “Would you kindly remove your helmet, sir?”

At first the Guardian was surprised. He looked more closely at Margret. Then the look of surprise was replaced with one of wonderment and he cast aside his helmet…

“Margret!” He roared.

“Nobby! Margret responded.

They would have thrown themselves at each other, but decorum maintained a steady hand on their behavioural tiller.

“How nice to see you.” Nobby said with a smile.

Margret took an unsteady step towards Nobby…

“Ditto.” He replied. “I see you’ve grown your moustache back.”

Nobby gulped: he recalled the time, when both earplugs were so young, how he used to tickle Margret with his moustache. He also recalled the day when his uncle, Arch Duke Ferdinand had instructed him to shave it off. “Yes.” He said. “I suppose you’ve come to escape the ice-age. Well you’re just in time – no pun intended: we were about to leave ourselves. Come see the High Priest: he’ll be thrilled to help you out.”

So, without further ado…

…Nobby led the girls to the elevator tube that would carry them up to the Masters of Chronos – Arch Duke Ferdinand and his brother…


© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017




4 thoughts on “Junior Earplug Adventures: Winning Numbers (Part Fourteen)

  1. Nice to see an appearance of Nobby complete with moustache,I think this is going to be interesting.Arch Duke Ferdinand,love it.

    • ADF – wasn’t he the guy who was assassinated in the early twentieth century, and whose death led to the First World War? Anyway, I liked the name (as it sprang into my mind – upon first viewing of the photo of the earplug in action), so it stuck. The original owner of the name is long dead, so he’s hardly going to sue.

    • Good old Franz. I bet he never guessed he’d end up starring in an Internet serial – as an earplug! Good thing is – my character isn’t called Franz. No litigation from his ancestors. Whew!

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