Junior Earplug Adventures: Winning Numbers (Part Eleven)

Worse still, for the A.I at least, an angry crowd arrived at Lottery Central and shouted rude words through the keyhole. This forced an embarrassed A.I to re-activate long enough to say: “No, don’t run off in a huff: I’m really, really sorry.”

And all the angry shouts of the departing crowd so upset the K T Woo’s First Officer’s girlfriend, Busty Misenthope, that she (with Hakking and an unnamed turquoise-eyed female) clambered on to the top of a high wall and almost gagged in civic shame…

Meanwhile, whilst unrest rumbled throughout the museum…

…elsewhere in the space/time continuum, Onlie Polony…

…try to dispel the visions that plagued her by breaking wind forthrightly. Unfortunately the planet’s electro-magnetic field interacted with the resulting gaseous emission spontaneously…

The result was a brief, but spectacular retort that could be heard upon the surface of the world – probably. Although surprised by the reaction, Onlie still disbelieved her own senses. But when the ice beneath her began to crack…

…she felt it necessary to review and revise this opinion.

On the subject of opinions…

…Margret Greenhorn and her Greenhorn Girls were convinced that unless they found the arboretum soon, they would give up the will to live. Delia and Poki were particularly cheesed-off…

…and feeling vulnerable.

“Oh, Poki,” Delia sobbed, “I wish you were a boy: I really need a masculine hug right now.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017




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