Forgotten Heroes 1

The Junior Earplug Adventures never fails to remind us of the heroism of the Earplug Brothers; but in past tales others have ‘done their bit’ for the greater good too. In Forgotten Heroes 1 I’d like to remind you of two such silicon life-forms – the first being Nature Beast…

…who tried very, very hard to be heroic, but sadly was totally crap at it. And the other is the time-shifting Gobby…

Here he fails to apprehend (or even notice) the recalcitrant (public enemies numbers one, two, and three)Eco-Warriors. But, on this occasion, he did have a good excuse: he was going to get his underpants cleaned. He did eventually manage something pretty dramatic though. He saved an entire buggy race entry from certain death (following a meteor strike) by moving them back in time. But, of course, no one remembered it – not even Gobby – because time travel does that.

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