Junior Earplug Adventures: The Island of Doctor Wiel-Barrau (Episode 19)

The result of the pushed button was an automatic defence reaction. A blast of energy…

…stunned Hair-Trigger and made her  go all goo-goo. Crying out was an impossibility; but fortunately her pumpkin breakfast came to her rescue. It supplied all the vegetable matter required to produce a rip-roaring botty bugle, which Magnuss heard and to which he reacted by breaking into a rescue sprint. Less fortunately, the same energy blast that had immobilized Hair-Trigger also immobilized him…

“Argh.” He managed, before all voluntary muscles were overpowered. But, like Hair-Trigger previously, his subsequent fart measured Category Twelve on the Earplug Scale of Windiness. This impressed Slomo Chewings so much that she peered into her screen and smiled for the first time in years…

Although it was a little lopsided. “Gosh.” She said. “What a guy! And what a talented large intestine too!”

Shortly after that, Darcy, Norma, and Daffney arrived to take the stunned couple…

…to a holding cell. After that they departed  – very pleased with both the security system and themselves…

“Didn’t we do well!” They would exclaim.

And: “What a charming couple. But no match for our cunning.”

And: “I’m feeling very self-important: does anyone have the key to the executive toilet? I’m feeling ready for an executive poop.”

But Magnuss and Hair-Trigger were feeling far less self-congratulatory…

They didn’t have access to any toilet at all: and that pumpkin breakfast was threatening to make a break for freedom.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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