Junior Earplug Adventures: The Island of Doctor Wiel-Barrau (Episode 16)

The landing had been surprisingly pain-free, and now Magnuss and Hair-Trigger regarded the jungle into which they had fallen…

“It’s a bit…you know…jungley, isn’t it?” Hair-Trigger complained. “I’m just waiting to be speared by some blood-sucking insect.”

Magnuss felt much the same way; but as they began an impromptu exploration…

…his concerns began to fade, and…

…he thought that it was ‘kind of pretty’. Even Hair-Trigger couldn’t help but notice that, for a jungle, it was remarkably well cultivated: “There are lots of bare soil.” She observed. “And is that insecticide I detect with my sensitive olfactory organ – or ‘nose’ as it is more commonly known?

“I don’t understand it.” Magnuss exclaimed. “It’s almost as if this island jungle is just one huge garden! But who would bother? And where are they?”

“I suggest,” Hair-Trigger said, as she noticed a thinning of the jungle undergrowth, “that we go find out.”

Moments later…

…they emerged on to manicured lawns.

“A golf course – of course.” Magnuss yelled in delight. “Artificial too. We’re saved!”

But after calling out for five minutes…


…they began to have their doubts: perhaps there were monsters abroad after all: monsters who appreciated equally monstrous gardens. Certainly the silvery trees that lined the golf course were monstrous – in their silvery way. And even Hair-Trigger’s attempts to cheer Magnuss with levity by pinching his bum…

…couldn’t ward off the feeling of dread.

The situation worsened when…

…the golf course gave way to desert – which made Hair-Trigger shudder: she and sand had never really gotten on; it seemed to infiltrate everywhere – especially nylon knickers. And when night fell suddenly…

…they very nearly pooped in their pants.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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