Junior Earplug Adventures: The Island of Doctor Wiel-Barrau (Episode 15)

Needless to say Magnuss wasted not one solitary second…

…as he raced across the surface of the island at ever diminishing height. And equally needless to say, Hair-Trigger flew right beside him, like the really good girlfriend she was…

But then the very thing that Magnuss had most feared happened…

The power transmission from the Museum of Future Technology was interrupted, and it seemed to Hair-Trigger that her jet pack’s energy buffer was leaking the very energy it was designed to store for just such an occasion.

“Help.” She gasped as the motor stuttered and coughed like an aging plugmutt with emphysema and a wonky leg.

It took a few heartbeats before her call registered with Magnuss, who was deep in concentration…

But when he recognized the severity of the danger, he swung about in the crystal sky, and plunged earthward towards his beloved Hair-Trigger…

“I’m coming, Hairy.” His shout preceded him. “Reduce power and switch on the Auto-Lander.”

Hair-Trigger was nothing if not quick on the up-take. Just in the nick of time her emergency retros kicked in – within virtual touching distance of the jungle canopy…

Now all that the former bounty hunter and her pinky-orange boyfriend had to worry about was the monstrous creatures that, they felt sure, inhabited the jungle into which they now descended.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017 



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