Junior Earplug Adventures: The Island of Doctor Wiel-Barrau (Episode 14)

Adolf then explained he’d found the two of them hanging around outside the concert hall. They were both obviously experiencing some inner crisis. It seemed to him that they so wanted to be big tough-guys, but didn’t really possess either the attitude or temperament to make passers-by nervous or cause police-plugs to quake in their police regulation footwear. Then he noticed a pair of carelessly parked hover cycles at the kerb; and the answer to the conundrum had presented itself…

So, just in time for the departing concert-goers to witness their outrageous behaviour, Adolf hypnotized Colin and Plankton into believing that they were Hells Anglers biker gang members…

…and smiled hugely…

..as his cunning plan for the future came together. Because only he knew that in the act of mesmerizing the six young earplugs, he had implanted a command in their unconscious minds. One day, when the time was right, the mental message would assert itself and overrule their conscious brains. In short they would become his pawns and follow him like incredibly stupid sheep.

“I don’t feel particularly stupid.” Plankton said, once he realised that Adolf had concluded his explanation. “Yet here I am – inside your secret island. So why am I here?”

At that moment, just as Adolf opened his mouth to reply, Magnuss Earplug had a high altitude thought…

‘Ooh-er,’ he thought, ‘this broadcast power is all well and good; and I know this jet pack has an energy buffer that stores sufficient energy to allow a safe, soft landing in the event of an interruption to the power supply: but what happens if there is no land to land upon?

Out loud he said: “Hair-Trigger, we’ve been over water for too long. It has been yonks since I last spotted a mountain peak poking through the clouds…

We need to lose altitude and find some land.”

“Good idea, Magnuss.” Hair-Trigger yelled back. “I’m ready for a wee anyway. And possibly a sausage roll too – if we can find a sausage roll van or kiosk. So if we can locate somewhere with either a thick wall, dense bushes, or an outside lean-to lavatory, that would be wonderful. Let’s descend!”

It took just a few seconds to drop through the cloud cover. To their horror, Magnuss and Hair-Trigger found themselves above a chain of oceanic islets…

“Oh, Magnuss.” Hair-Trigger squealed above the noise created by their powerful jet pack motors, “a chain of tiny oceanic islets. I’m horrified: not only will there be no lavatories or meaty pastries down there; but it’s doubtful they’ll have sufficient water to keep us alive for more than five minutes!”

Magnuss concurred. “Yeah.” He said. “Let’s see if we can find a proper island.”

So, without further ado, they swooped to a lower level and scanned the sea beneath them…

…and came up trumps.

“It’s vast.” Hair-Trigger cried out in surprise….

…”With such a varied topography too. Let’s go look.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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