Junior Earplug Adventures: The Missing (Part 31)

Meanwhile the K T Woo continued to battle the space fleet all alone, by itself, on its tod, solo, with no one else to help it…

And although their marksmanship had improved, there was still room for improvement…

“Flipping heck!” Sinclair exploded…

…”That’s the mother ship. If you can’t hit a bloody great big thing like that, we’re surely done for!”

“I’ll take us in close.” The G’neerbot helmsman suggested. “We can try shooting them at pointblank range.”

It wasn’t the best idea Sinclair Brooch had ever heard, but in the absence of one from his own imagination he elected to go with it. So the robotic life form performed all the necessary twists and turns, and before long the K T Woo and the End Cap mother ship were on a collision course…

“Oh flip!” The watching Professor Gout cried out aboard the Chi-Z-Sox…

…”Look, they’re shooting at the K T Woo too. Someone tell me that we’re in weapons range.”

“We’re in weapons range.” A Frisby Mumph clone informed him.

“About sodding time.” Hydious snapped. “Our gunnery is untested; but what the heck: open fire!”

Needless to say this is what happened next…

But some stupid End Cap pilot put himself between the incoming energy bolts and their intended target…

This didn’t go unnoticed by the bridge crew of the K T Woo as the G’neerbot wrestled the ship away from the mothership fire.

“Argh!” They yelled as one. “What a lousy git!”

In fact things were beginning to look bleak as two saucers turned their attention upon the Chi-Z-Sox…

…and attacked from out of the sun.

“Oh cripes.” Putridity wailed. “We’re really rubbish at this fighting stuff. It’s curtains for us, and make no mistake about it!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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