The Magic Revealed

When I moved out of my vast ‘studio’, and into my tiny ‘attic’, most of my props and ‘locations’ remained behind – to fall victim to the wrecking ball. But one ‘set’ that I couldn’t leave behind was the Museum of Future Technology’s ‘Grand Hall’. Long-term readers will recognize it in an instant – although they might not realize that (inverted or turned around) it doubles up as several other sets too, such as the security suite and UFO hangar to name but two. More recently it formed the backdrop to the subterranean ‘lair’ on Scroton…

…but is more easily recognized as the place where Ootis Wolliums recently held an audition for the Joyfulettes…

And just to prove it, here’s the ‘making of’ shot’…

Honestly, I don’t know how I do it. Must be some kind of literary genius, I guess.

P.S the yellow and red things in the clear plastic packages are none other than the Throgennis Frote and Cuckoo Slazenger ‘actors’. Yes, all of them. And you thought that there was only one of each!


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