Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Thirty-Seven)

Initially Magnuss’s response to Cuckoo’s question was very positive. In fact he offered to pay for the repairs to the Kool Kaff out of contingency fund that he’d set up after his adventure in an alternative ‘evil’ reality, using money earned by writing an autobiography that was subsequently serialised in the museum’s major daily publication. But before either Cuckoo or Throgennis could get it down on paper, the X1’s deuterium tank ruptured and they all found themselves submerged, which pleased no one… 

…especially Throgennis, who had two tickets for the Trumptations concert in the Grand Hall, and who wondered if deuterium would come out in the wash.

Fortunately for all four sentient beings, the drainage system was new and highly efficient, and only a half-hour later Magnuss was showing Nigel some of the sights…

…which Nigel tried to enjoy despite his slight sence of claustraphobia caused by the relatively low ceilings.

“This is what they used to call the ‘bowels of the museum’.” He informed the alien as he turned on his golden colouring.

“Fascinating.” Nigel responded. “What do they call it now?”

“The Magnuss Earplug Way.” Magnuss replied. “Named after me following a daring raid I led on some futuristic robots that had taken control of the museum.”

“I think I preferred the original name.” Nigel grunted.

And it was a further half-hour later when Dunnis Idwards introduced the Trumptations’ new backing singers to an expectant audience…

Then, like a well-oiled machine, the soul group broke into a medley of their early hits, which included, Aint Too Proud to Belch, Funky Music Sho’nuf Makes Me Sick, You Can’t Hide From Your Nose, and Too Busy Sitting on a Burglar

…which had the crowd ‘getting down’ to the pre-recorded insistant groove, Dunnis’ rasping tenor, the Trump’s soulful harmonies, and the Joyfulettes cheesy grins, in fine fashion.

Naturally Rupert Piles attended. His live transmission was pumped out over the museum’s CCTV system…

…so it was possible that everyone in the vast building watched as the Joyfulettes…

…took centre stage,  and duly cemented  themselves in the combined psyche of the entire museum population. Success, they were confidently assured by Ootis, was a copper bottomed certainty.

So, as the throng returned, happy, to their abodes for the night…

…Throgennis and Cuckoo decided to ransack the crashed spaceship, and now took vacant possession of one very unique Super Massive Drive unit…

“Throggy.” Cuckoo said as inspiration struck. “Let’s not bother fixing up the Kool Kaff: Let’s start a space vacation business instead. This can be our booking office!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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