Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Thirty-Five)

The Mother’s Union Annual Scoff was going well at the Kool Kaff. As a result of their swelling coffers, Throgennis and Cockoo grinned like idiots…

But as Throgennis raced away to take another tip from another satisfied Mother’s Union member, Cuckoo’s sense of prescience kicked in again…

A feeling of doom descended on her. This feeling was confirmed when a waiter rushed up with some breaking news…

“Madame,” He bellowed above the hub-bub in the room, “I ‘ave received a telephone call from a mathematician. He is a professor at the University of Droxford. He has issued to us a warning.”

He would have said more, and been verbally illuminating: but Cuckoo cut him off short: “A space ship is about to crash into the Kool Kaff.” She stated bluntly.

Those within earshot spun around on their heels. “Space ship?” Throgennis gulped. “The Kool Kaff?” He added needlessly.

Cuckoo needed to clear the café in double quick time. Explaining the truth would waste too much of it. So she shouted: “Fire! Fire! You can’t see it: it’s in the kitchen. Please evacuate the building pronto.”

Well there is only one thing that Mother’s Union members do better than knitting or playing whist: and that is evacuating buildings. A split second later…

…they were racing for the exit – many of them conveniently forgetting to pay their bills on the way, which really annoyed Cuckoo. In moments they were spilling into the street outside…

Cuckoo, though, refused to move. She had put her heart and soul into Throgennis’s project: she wasn’t about to allow some crummy space ship to send her running from it like a frightened girl. Then she almost changed her mind when the ceiling exploded…

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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