Photography: How Much Must You Pay to Get Good Pictures?

Recently I spent rather more than I should have for a very blue Canon point and shoot compact. Today I used it to snap this shot of a clematis bloom in my garden…

“Hmm,” thought I, “that’s very nice, but did I really need a fancy 20 megapixel to photograph a simple flower?” And the reason I had this thought was because earlier in the day, when the sun was a little less forthcoming, I’d spotted the same flower. The first camera that fell to hand was a Sony Cybershot of a mere 3.2 megapixel capability. The resultant picture looked exactly like this…

Okay, the former can stand a whole lot more zooming in before it pixellates; but if you just want an accurate representation of your subject, the latter is actually better. The mauve in the Sony shot is a closer match to the real thing than the Canon shot. And how much did I pay for this wondrous piece of ancient digital technology? Nothing: some silly sod had thrown it away – probably because it was old and out of date. And I picked it up. I wonder how much they paid for its replacement.



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2 Responses to Photography: How Much Must You Pay to Get Good Pictures?

  1. I use my phone for all my photos now, and use filters for everything that’s wrong with them–carrying a camera around is just too much hassle,and I don’t think I’ll ever take up serious photography– so, I’m ok with being a mediocre photographer. A good camera does make a difference, though.

    • Tooty Nolan says:

      I have tried camera phones but I find them too finicky. Too unreliable. I have to use one professionally too, and I never like to mix business with pleasure. So for me it will always be a proper camera – even if I do find it in a pile of garbage.

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