Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Thirty-Three)

Cuckoo and Throgennis, meanwhile, had been working overtime at the Kool Kaff. The air conditioning had been routed through the nul-space generator: the furnishings and equipment had been installed; Iceworlder waiters had been employed; the waste pipes had been connected to the toilet bowls; and now several members of the museum’s Mothers Union had decided to hold their annual scoff at the new café…

Despite the bone-chilling cold, everyone were enjoying themselves…

None less than Throgennis and Cuckoo, as the special whaling boat style dining tables quickly filled with happy, expectant, customers …

It was early days for the Kool Kaff, but the omens were looking good.

Meanwhile Magnuss and Nigel had taken themselves to the X1’s observation cupola…

“Look.” Magnuss yelled with maximum enthusiasm. “It’s the Museum of Future Technology – and its still really far away! You know those towers are over two kilometres high. Sometimes you can look from the roof,  down on the clouds below.”

“If they’re so big and far away, and we’re so small,” Nigel responded, “why does it feel like we’re going really fast? Look…”

…we’re there already.”

“Oh my god.” Magnuss yelped. I must have set the autopilot on Miles Per Hour instead of Kilometres Per Hour. Oh bum – we’re going too fast to land in Glazed Park. We’re gonna land somewhere else completely. Quickly – adopt the crash position.  Brace! Brace!”

Just moments later a group of Iceworlders in the Ice Planet exhibit heard an unusual sound high above and looked up from cutting an ice hole…

And what they saw made them wish they’d stayed on their home world…

Anything was better than being landed on by an interstellar vehicle!

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017




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