Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Thirty-One)

But Cuckoo’s fear of her prescience didn’t dissuade her from her duty to design the interior of Throgennis’s café; and only a few minutes after the three re-animated cable ends finally emerged from the caves into their home desert upon Scroton…

…and Magnuss and Nigel began the final fall towards the Solar System aboard the X1…

…a team of advertising company earplugs were about to enter the ice world exhibit…

…so that, like Cuckoo before them, they might savour the atmosphere of a cold world and thereby produce a superb advertising campaign for (what Throgennis had decided to name) The Kool Kaff. And as they entered, at least three of them thought that it would be ‘a walk in the park’…

…but as the true cold of the exhibit quickly pierced the feeble insulation of their corporate suits…

…their teeth began to chatter, their knees began to knock, and then…

…they froze solid, and cursed themselves for being pompous, know-it-all, jerks who refused to listen to the ice planet people who knew what they were talking about.

At much the same time, the Joyfulettes were finally having their audition with Ootis Wolliums. Much to their surprise Ootis had invited the other Trumptations – those being Dunnis Idwards, Cory Valentine, and Shat and Beeki Spitoon – along to the museum’s Grand Hall.

After a relatively formal greeting, Ootis had some technicians wheel out the stage, upon which the three girls would perform…

Naturally Beeki had a few words of wisdom to impart:

“Don’t whine or shriek.” She told them. “And don’t sing in a higher key than Cory because he’s the group’s falsetto lead, and in his deluded mind no one on the planet can sing a higher note than Cory. Oh, and try to keep in step with each other: Ootis can’t stand elephantine dancers.”

And so their chance at the big time – a permanent act at the Museum of Future Technology – commenced…

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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