Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Twenty-Five)

Standing at the edge of town, many inhabitants of Scroton Prime waited with bated breath…

…as Edni led her friends among the many pools that comprised the Great Lakes – all of which were clear and refreshing in summer, and as cold as frozen heck in the winter…

“Edni, speak to us.” Saskia pleaded. “We know you meant to destroy the X1 and kill both passengers, but I’m sure no one will hold that against you. By next week this will all have blown over. Let’s go back to the city.”

“Yeah,” Spondon tried mightily to support his friend, “that’s right. Sure, we could get our faces filled in a couple of times in between, but before long this will be old news. You could get a job waiting tables on the Plaza Del Excremento.”

But their pleas fell upon deaf ears as…

Edni waded into the water. All that either cable end could hear, when finally Edni responded to their terrified squeals of disbelief, was, “Blub, blub, blub.” And, when her breathing hole slipped beneath the surface, even that stopped.

For several seconds Sponson and Saskia stared at the invitingly cool waters.

“Ah, sod it.” Saskia blurted. “Edni always was the one with all the brains.”

Seconds later…

…they joined her. And before long…

…they appeared to have expired as they lay, inert, upon the bottom.

On the edge of town, no one spoke. They merely looked…

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017




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