Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Twenty-Three)

“Indeed.” A voice that was familiar to all the blue blobs said. “What are we going to do something about?”

Of course the voice belonged to one of their department heads – the red polystyrene blob. In response the blue blobs explained their problem.

“You want to overrule our overseers?” The yellow blob said with incredulity clear in every syllable. “You want to cancel our desperate emergency call to our masters? You want us to solve the problem of the absent Golden One, and you want to let the Scrotonites know that he isn’t dead? Are you clinically insane? That would give our presence away. You know we have to keep our existence secret. Why, even our sewage system is cloaked in mystery. No one in the city dung reclamation plant knows that our effluent is any different to normal poo.”

He would have said more, but he was interrupted by an exaggerated clearing of a mushroom-like earplug’s throat…

Naturally the mushrooms wanted to know what the impromptu meeting was about. When they discovered the truth…

…they looked really annoyed. But, after they spent a few moments thinking about it, they thought better of lambasting their underlings and calling them names.

“Good idea.” The mushroom with the orange eyes said. “We have the technology. The bosses aren’t here. We are. Let’s take care of business ourselves!”

So the first act they committed was to review Edni’s  walk of shame…

“Oh, look at all them miserable cable ends.” The purple blob urged. “We really got to cheer them up.”

“And Edni and her chums too.” He added…

“Look, she’s made it to the edge of town. After that she’ll be headed for the great lakes. And after that she’ll find herself in the hinterlands – between the light side of Scroton, and the dark side!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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