Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Nineteen)

If Nigel, the Golden One, had the slightest inkling what was occurring on his world, he would have turned the X1 around in a wide arc, and catapulted himself and Magnuss back along the invisible road they had travelled – all the way to Scroton. But he didn’t, so he didn’t. Instead the brand spanking new space ship continued to blast without interruption…

…which was just as well because it required forward momentum to generate the artificial gravity field, which, in turn, allowed Magnuss to use the ship’s toilet…

Having completed his mission, the youthful earplug was struck with an idea…

He recalled that Ship Number Fifteen had been fitted with an observation cupola on the outside of the upper hull. He and his beloved Hair-Trigger Provost…

…used it quite extensively. So he rushed from the lavatory…

…and found Nigel scrutinising the Super Massive Drive control rod…

“Hey, Nige, how closely did your tech-guys follow my design jottings?”

Nigel wasn’t really listening: he was too engrossed in the control rod. “What would happen if I pulled this glowing control rod all the way out?” He enquired.

Magnuss couldn’t respond fast enough: he was terrified that the cable end might tug the control rod before he could reply: “Our drive would stall; we’d float to the ceiling: and the contents of the toilet would engulf us in a most horrible manner.” He gabbled.

“Oh.” Nigel almost sounded disappointed. “Best leave it alone then, hadn’t I? Gosh, this ship is awfully small: I’m so bored, I think I’d like to die. What did you ask about the ship’s construction?”

In reply Magnuss told the cable end king of Ship Number Fifteen’s observation cupola.

“Do think we can find one in the X1?” He asked conspiratorially. And five minutes later…

…the two friends found themselves standing in the Super Massive Drive’s trans-cosmos slipstream, with only a wafer-thin energy field to protect them from infinity. And they couldn’t have been happier. But they could have been a heck of a lot less happy if they’d known what was occurring in the Council Chamber in Scroton Prime…

“Why, hello.” The super-confident Edni Gilbatross purred as she entered the chamber and stepped upon the daïs – Sponson and Saskia in step behind her. “I see you’ve been keeping my seat warm for me. How kind.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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