Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Sixteen)

They didn’t know it, as they sat side by side in the piloting room…

…but Magnuss and Nigel were in very real peril. This was because earlier Saskia Mudhatch and Sponson Croupe had done as Edni Gilbatross had instructed them. They had followed Magnuss…

Initially the heroic earplug hadn’t been concerned; but after traversing the entire length of the grain silos…

…discomfort began to manifest itself in a tingling along his spine. And when he crossed Grossfarters Square…

…he’d developed a nervous twitch. So, making a right turn into a well-lit side street, he was pleased to accidentally bump into a very pretty female…

And he was even more pleased to find that he hadn’t been followed at all. Those supposedly trailing him had clearly come to meet with the pretty female…

And he felt like a dope. But he shouldn’t have because…

…as he walked away, yawning after a busy day, the three cable ends watched him go, and Edni said: “A job well done, methinks.”

To which Sponson responded: “Duh? Whatta ya mean?”

And Edni answered: “Didn’t you wonder how I knew to meet you here? When we left our benefactor’s subterranean lair I stole a device that I recognized as a bio-tracker. I slipped it into the back of your underpants before I went into the bar with that security guy. I’ve been keeping tabs on you. The security guy told me about the Golden One’s intention to fly to Earth. With this information I formed a hasty plan that is foolproof. After I left the security guy in a drunken stupor, I went to an electronics plant, where I used my feminine wiles to borrow a gyro-destabilizer from one of the boffins there. When I accidentally-on-purpose bumped into the alien earplug I slipped it down the back of his underpants. Tomorrow he will carry the aforementioned gyro-destabilizer aboard the X1. Mayhem will ensue – leaving the planetary government in a state of confusion. I think you can guess what comes next.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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