Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Seventeen)

Edni’s plan required that the poorly stabilized X1 crash into the nearest sun: but her plan hadn’t taken into account Magnuss’s lightning reactions and Nigel’s powerful forceps. But when this happened…

…everyone watching on Scroton thought that the ship was burnt to a cinder and that its passengers had been fried. And because the X1 then departed towards Earth on a trajectory that carried it directly away from the sun, but without becoming visible to the telescopes of Scroton, no one was any the wiser. Soon a great wailing was heard throughout the land…

…where despondent security forces, without instructions from farther up the chain of command to guide them, marched up and down for hours on end…

In an instant the government was upon its knees…

Without their leader, no one knew what to do. “What do we do?” They would ask. And: “Who signs the pay cheques?” And: “Is it you who holds the key to the executive toilet?” And: “I don’t know: I’m all of a dither. Can I have a glass of water please? Failing that, a stiff brandy would go down well.”

Whilst social order was breaking down upon Scroton, inside the Museum of Future Technology meanwhile…

…the Joyfulettes were  strolling through the vast edifice, en route to a meeting with the ‘legendary’ Ootis Wolliums of the famous soul group – the Trumptations. Unfortunately, because Ootis was rather ancient (and they were very young) they didn’t recognise him as he stood ‘shooting the breeze’ with a couple of music associates, and so assumed that he was just another ‘saddo’ who was far too old to embarrass himself by picking up young, attractive females…

They were also unaware that George and Edie continued to watch over them too…

And it was this pair of aging mountain pea farmers who watched and listened to their foolish girly giggles when…

…Sergeant Wetpatch Wilton invited them to join the Seventh Cavalry.

“You never fired a Chichester Seventy-three?” He said incredulously. “Girls, you aint never lived!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017





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