Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Fifteen)

Naturally everyone accepted the wise words of Magnuss Earplug: and so the X1’s first attempt to overcome Scroton’s gravity commenced…

…which didn’t go particularly well.

“Promising.” Magnuss said whilst applauding subtly. “Carry on. Give the Golden One and I a call when you’ve overcome the gyro-stabilizing glitch.”

Night had fallen as Scroton Prime slept beneath a blanket of strange stars and weird cloud formations…

…when, finally, Nigel and Magnuss received the call they’d been waiting all day to hear. The ship, the message informed them, was cleared for space flight.

“Yippie.” Magnuss yelled. “I’m going home. Come on Nige: let’s go!”

So, without so much as a goodbye kiss for Nigel’s wife, the two golden alpha-males rushed to the lab…

…hesitated for a moment; then climbed aboard and launched…

Unbeknownst to either pilot/passenger, the tech-guys had fitted the X1 with Inertia-free Super Massive Drive, which meant that the ship took off like a scalded weasel. In fact it took a Herculean effort at the handlebars from both beings aboard to avoid a collision with Scroton’s principal light and energy source…

And when Magnuss really put the pedal to the metal…

…the cosmos had never witnessed anything so damned fast. At the speed they were travelling, Magnuss calculated, it would take next to no time to traverse the fathomless depths of space between Scroton and the distant Earth.

“Wheeee!” He cried with excitement.

And, despite being the leader of an entire world, Nigel joined in.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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