Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Ten)

Meanwhile, back on Earth. Or, to be more precise, the Museum of Future Technology, transfer pods had recently arrived at the Transfer Conduit Station from far and wide…

New customers rushed along the platform, intent upon only one thing: gaining entry to the museum. Amongst their number were three rather pretty females, who collectively were (little) known as the Joyfulettes – a singing group who were hopeful of becoming the opening act for the resident soul group, the Trumptations. They were there for an audition with the legendary group leader, Ootis Wolliums…

Their names were Binky Chutnor, Piper Agnew, and Swetti Nax. And one day soon (they swore) their names would be up in lights – at least metaphorically. Of course Piper knew that her family name of Agnew would probably hold her back, and rather fancied the name of Piper Zest or Dustscatter. And Swetti knew that she was dead in the water with a name like hers, but she’d promised to make her father proud, so the name remained. Only Binky enjoyed true confidence, because she inwardly knew that her voice was no great shakes, but felt certain that even if her singing career stalled, she could use her looks and feminine wiles to find herself a wealthy husband.

Such was their haste that they beat everyone to the inviting front entrance to the museum…

Pausing only long enough to take a deep breath, they plunged through the portal – to find themselves made welcome by none other than…

…a RoboSecGua – or Robot Security Guard for short; curator Bubbly Salterton; the regular Robot Ticket Collector; and, of course a Robot Guide.

“Thrice welcome.” The smarmy Bubbly Salterton oozed words from his (sometimes) foolish mouth. “I’m so pleased to meet three such…charming young ladies.”

“Yeah, me too.” The Robot Guide interrupted. “Now if you’d care to follow me I can show you a few of the museum’s highlights.”

“No-no, don’t bother  with this automaton.” Bubbly interrupted back. “Allow me. I’m really rather charming you know.”

Although the Joyfulettes had entered the foyer first, they were closely followed by a couple of aging mountain pea farmers…

…whose names were George and Edie Greenshuck…

…and they very much cared about the safety of young girls alone in a strange land.

“Go with the robot, gals.” George said as he entered the room. “I know that Bubbly Salterton of old. He never was a decent sort: he was always looking down on his neighbours from his ivory tower…

If I was you, I’d give him a wide berth. Better still, give him a punch in the nose and a kick up the arse.”

“Thank you, Mister Salterton.” Binky said in response. “I think we’ll find our own way around. We have downloaded the guide to our smart phones after all. Bubbly, go shove your smarmy head down the toilet.”

Binky’s phone wasn’t the only thing that was smart in the foyer that morning: Bubbly Salterton was smarting on the inside. But he continued to smile. “As you wish.” He said. But inside he growled silently. “This female is everything I desire in a…er…female. I must have her. She must be mine. Nothing must be allowed to come between me and what I want. I shall have her – or my name is not Bubbly Salterton: curator of the Museum of Future Technology!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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