Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Nine)

The vast grey plain that, unbeknownst to the three cable ends, had been given the nomenclature ‘Unit 2’ by the ruling élite in Scroton Prime, was vast and…er…grey…

…and neither Saskia, Edni, or Sponson liked it one little bit.

“God I hate this vast grey plain.” Saskia complained. “Not only is it vast and tediously grey; but it has no reflective surfaces for me to admire my beautiful new blue body.”

“And it looks interminable too.” Sponson grumbled.

Edni struggled to sound optimistic. She half-way succeeded:

“Well we won’t get lost easily.” She said in a vaguely chipper tone. “And we don’t need flares to attract the attention of passing search craft either: we’re so bright!”

And of course she was right, because as soon as the trio had departed the secret underground facility, its occupants rushed to watch a huge screen that had emerged in total silence from the floor…

The screen shimmered for a moment whilst the spy camera searched the plain above. And, because what Edni had said was fundamentally correct, it quickly found them…

“Is that really them?” The purple android said in surprise. “I didn’t realize we’d made them so gorgeous.”

“I think they’re gonna be a big hit when they reach Scroton Prime.” The yellow android opined.

“Go in for a close up.” One of the mushroom earplugs demanded. “I want to hear what they’re saying.”

A split second later…

…the mushroom wished that he hadn’t bothered.

“Oh Edni,” Saskia gushed…

…”I hate to say this, but your hips sway so fabulously. And your bottom isn’t huge in the least! What say you, Sponson?”

Sponson had noticed already, and didn’t want to look anymore. “Um, yeah.” He grunted. He didn’t want to think about Edni’s swaying hips: they did strange things to him “Changing the subject,” he added with false lightness, “did anyone see last Crudsday’s episode of The Young and the Fabulous? Didn’t you think that Clarissa’s new boyfriend looked a bit shady?”

“Oh yes.” Edni squealed. “But wasn’t he dead-drop gorgeous!”

At that point the watchers stopped watching, and the trio continued upon their way, satisfied that any eavesdroppers would have given up by then…

…and duly encountered some light desert.

“Nearly there.” Edni assured the others.

“How can you be so sure?” Saskia enquired, fearful that the coarse sand might ruin her pedicure.

“Because I stole a map on the way out of the secret bunker.” Edni explained. “I know the way to Scroton Prime. More importantly I know the way back to the bunker. I get the distinct feeling in my gut that we might be using that place again.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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