Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Eight)

Having been invited to enter the – for want of a better word – booth, the threesome disappeared from view, and someone threw a switch or two…

Then they all waited – with varying degrees of impatience – for the machine to complete its principal task. After a while, with only nanoseconds remaining before the large blue polystyrene android’s central intelligence core overheated and it kicked the  – for want of a better word – booth, the seamless portal, through which the cable ends had entered, ejected them…

“Well, whatta ya think?” The red android inquired. “Is this technology good – or is it good?”

Saskia stood stock still and almost speechless. All her life she’d been a yellow, black-eyed cable end. Now, due entirely to some altruistic aliens and the remarkable technology of those who had brought intelligence to the planet’s primary life-forms, she saw a beautiful blue cable end with white eyes and nostrils reflected in the red android’s ocular sensors. Edni did no better when she spotted herself – all vibrant and red – on an alien equivalent of a CCTV monitor. And a very green Sponson simply asked: “How?”

How doesn’t matter.” The mushroom answered. “Nor why either.What matters now is that you are free from the bonds of yellowness. You can go amongst the cable ends of various hues as equals. You can do anything your skills and intellect allow you to. So go now. Go and live the lives you want…and deserve.”

“Sure. Thanks. ” Sponson replied. “But, ah, could you show us the way out? We got a little lost finding our way here.”

Two minutes later…

En route to the exit…

…the mushroom-shaped earplugs made suggestions regarding the cable end’s future employment…

“You, Saskia,” one of them said, “used to be a professional bottom wiper. Had you ever thought of using your life-time skills to polish scratches out of furniture, for instance?”

“And you, Edni, would make a wonderful baker.” Another earplug opined. “I’m sure your salted caramel cup cakes would be legendary.”

“Maybe.” Edni replied. “But I have other plans.”

Then the door to the outside world opened and the three cable ends found themselves standing upon a vast flat plain…

..upon which they began their long march to freedom…

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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