Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Six)

Throgennis was pleased that his cousin was enjoying herself; but he wondered if she would be quite so keen to go precipitous ledge walking…

Game for anything, Cuckoo gave it a try, but before long she was showing signs of altitude nausea…

Reacting quickly, Throgennis rushed Cuckoo out on to the vast Wide Blue Yonder, which (he’d read) lay at sea level and was certain to quiet her recalcitrant bile duct…

He was to regret this impetuous move…

…because not only did his cousin have a tendency to mild agoraphobia, but she also hated the colour blue. So…

…she refused to speak to him until he rectified the ‘ghastly situation’. In fact her expression and manic stare proved that she was so inwardly frightened and angry that she feared that if she were to open her mouth to speak, before a word was uttered, she would probably attempt to devour Throgennis’ head. Or possibly his leg. Throgennis, for his part, recalled that his cousin was often bad tempered as a child, and realised that although she’d grown up, her basic temperament hadn’t changed much, and he prayed that she’d forgotten the bag of gobstoppers he’d stolen all those years ago.

Meanwhile, far away across the void of interstellar space, Edni, Sponson, and Saskia had made progress. It seemed to their simple desert-dweller minds that not only had they stumbled upon some kind of control, maintenance, or security suite. More importantly it appeared to be occupied by alien personnel who rushed hither and thither, doing indecipherable ‘stuff’…

Now they had to make the biggest decision in their lives: should they introduce themselves? Or should they flee? Their hunger and thirst favoured the first answer. Their natural xenophobia the latter. But before a consensus could be found…


…the facility went to the universally accepted security alert condition of red. And every alien eye turned to regard the interlopers. Well most of them anyway.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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