Junior Earplug Adventures: The Masters of Scroton (Part Five)

Whilst Cuckoo made her momentous way to the Museum, far away across the galaxy, Saskia Mudhatch was attempting to gain entry to the mysterious non-cable end technology lavatory pods…

“Ah,” she said as a solenoid clicked somewhere unseen, “I think I’ve done it. Here you go, Sponson: get stuck in.”

“We’ll go over there – in the distance.” Emerald-eyed Edni said in a calming voice. “And we’ll make sure that we look the other way.”

“And speak very loudly of inconsequential things to drown out the noise.” The dark-eyed Saskia added. “And squeeze our nostrils shut too, of course.”

So it was a much relieved Sponson who finally took advantage of the advanced facilities inside the impossibly ancient subterranean edifice…

…though he did feel a little foolish, especially with his head poking up through a hole in the roof and all that sort of stuff.

Shortly afterwards they continued their investigation, and what they saw confused the heck out of them…

But their resultant sense of  unease couldn’t compare with that of Cuckoo Slazenger, as she dared finally step inside the hallowed walls of the Museum of Future Technology…

So she was mightily relieved when Throgennis arrived in the foyer and took her on a whistle-stop tour of his favourite spots in the museum…

To ease Cuckoo into the vastness of the museum comfortably, Throgennis first took his cousin to the Future Alps exhibit, which represented that mighty mountain range in the distant future when wind, rain, and the passage of time had worn the peaks almost flat. It was here that they discovered Chester Earplug and Cuckoo’s heroine, Auntie Doris, gliding above the smooth surface at break-neck speed upon stunt hover pads… 

“Last one to the café that specialises in truly horrible coffee is rotten egg.” Doris cried gleefully.

Chester didn’t respond: he was concentrating intently upon matching his aunt’s spectacular aerial maneuvers.

As Throgennis and Cuckoo finally departed the exhibit…

…the bright red female couldn’t help wondering what fun it might be to ride along the museum’s endless corridors upon a hover pad in pursuit of her favourite cheerful white-haired yellow earplug.

Unaware of his cousin’s secret thoughts, Throgennis then decided to drop a level…

“Oh goody.” Cuckoo squealed. ” A down ramp. I love down ramps. I like the way that gravity pulls me downwards when I run excitedly down them. If I found an infinite down ramp I would run down it until the end of time, and pray that my kicker elastic didn’t become brittle; snap; ultimately allowing the aforementioned knickers to fall around my ankles and send me sprawling.”

But, of course, they didn’t run down the down ramp…


They strolled side by side. Then, when they reached the next level…

…Cuckoo rushed forwards to embrace the grubby darkness of a deserted area of the museum.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017





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