Why This Writer is So Darned Slow

Every day thousands of Earpluggers write into Tooty Towers asking the question:

“Hey, Tooty I’m missing my fix of Earplug Adventures: what’s with the hold up, asshole?”

Here is my reply:

Darlings, at the best of times, photographing and writing an Earplug Adventure is a slow laborious process, and seems to take forever; but since losing my fabulous ‘studio’…

…that process has slowed further – by (I estimate) at least ten times – maybe twenty. For starters my attic studio is far less accessible, especially during the hours of day light, so the sheer amount of time available for shooting the scenes has been reduced dramatically…

This is a bad thing. But worst of all is the lack of insulation in the attic. There’s also some kind of electrical air movement machine chucking out heat and whirring away like a torture device too! So, during these summer months, it’s hotter than hell up there. As a result of these high temperatures all my photography must take place wherever and whenever I get the opportunity (somewhere else), which, naturally, isn’t often. But, working under pressure of an assumed duty to my readers, I’ve been beavering away in the most heroic way possible; which now enables me to bring you The Masters of Scroton. It may take a while, but we’ll get there (together) eventually. 



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