Screen Shots of a Literary Genius

You may have noticed the Lulu logo – over there ⇒⇒⇒ on the side bar, but felt slightly trepidatious about clicking on it. Well if you’d like to see what lies behind it, here’s a screen shot of the Paul Trevor Nolan / Tooty Nolan / Clive Thunderbolt Author Spotlight…

There (were you to click the logo) you would discover every book and e-book written by my triple personality that is currently published and available to buy. And very nice they are too. There are the serious family friendly adventures of my sensible persona: The science-fiction mysteries of Clive Thunderbolt – an author who hasn’t forgotten that humans have genitals: And the extremely rude, lewd, and ribald Hamster-Sapiens novels and short story collections of good old Tooty. Not forgetting, of course, the ridiculous Earplug Adventure photo-novels, which are (just about) suitable for children to accidentally discover on your e-reader.

And, you know, the e-books are wonderfully inexpensive. In fact, a couple of them…

…cost nothing at all. And what’s more there is an interactive facility whereby you can preserve your opinion of the books using a one-to-five star rating system. God, how exciting is that? So why not take a few seconds to peruse the pages. If nothing else they have some pretty book covers to look at! And, if you choose to comply with my suggestion, don’t forget to leave your mark. Hint: Obviously five stars are better than one, but three are perfectly acceptable.

P.S  As a ‘thank you’ for spending your time on this silly site, here’s a slightly out-of-focus picture of your favourite author in his underpants. How generous is that!





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