Just How Bad Can a Camera Get Before it Becomes Utterly Useless?

The search is on!

Actually I already have an utterly useless camera that, prior to it becoming utterly useless, was rather good, but kept breaking. It is a Fujifilm SL300 – and if you find one for sale on the Internet (which you probably wont [because most of them are of the no functionado variety] ) don’t take the chance of it being reliable. But I digress: I’m getting away from my original question and intent. I, of course, think I have the answer. It is my Qilive phone camera…

To show you how bad a camera can get before becoming utterly useless, take a look at a shot of a VW Polo, taken with my very mediocre (so mediocre that I bought the camera just so I could use it to charge the battery of my Fujifilm J30. Yes, another bothersome Fujifilm with a broken charging mechanism) Kodak M550, which looks like this, by the way…

Not bad, I s’pose. But when compared with the Qilive shot, which I think looks as though I travelled back in time to the early 1970s; took a shot with a cheap Instamatic rip-off; had the film developed; then left the print on the window sill for a few decades…

…I guess the Kodak shot looks almost wonderful. But, despite the camera phone’s truly ghastly levels of awfulness, is it really useless? I mean, it’s not actually broken. And this dated look can (under the right circumstances) look quite artistic. Take a look at this cart in a Spanish garden…

Why, it almost looks like a French impressionist painter created it. I rather like it. So, I guess, the quest for a truly useless camera (that isn’t actually broken or has a flat battery or is required to produce photographic evidence that is permissible in a court of law) continues.

P.S I keep the SL300 merely because it has a perfectly good battery and charger – and, you never know, one day I might find a used camera that needs both!


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