Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 32)

In the Galactic Court several pairs of eyes shifted awkwardly…

None of the aliens had expected this turn of events. To be truthful neither had Throgennis Frote; but he was thoroughly enjoying the moment anyway…

But a split second later he wasn’t enjoying the moment at all…

“Thanks a bunch.” He complained bitterly. “It doesn’t matter how brave and resourceful earplugs can be, in the end it just comes down to us being inferior; and you being in a position to squash us like bugs.”

Then he realized that he was perched in the palm of none other than…

…the Supreme Being. And he didn’t look really annoyed!

“Oh, poor brave earplug.” The Supreme Being spoke with the most benign tone of voice that anyone could ever recall hearing. “It seems that I misjudged your kind. I thought you were a bunch of turds; but instead I discover that you have many attributes and much to be proud of. The case was well brought to court: it showed everyone that even the smartest guys in the galaxy can be wrong once. Throgennis Frote, I absolve you from your presumed guilt. I do likewise for all earplugs everywhere – even the butt wipe ones like the Jaundice Family and Mister Zinc. You are free to leave.”

Throgennis couldn’t believe what his ears were telling him. But he decided to anyway…

“Saved.” He yelled as the Supreme Being placed him back in his colourful saucer. “All earplugdom too. What a day we’ve all had. I won’t forget this – ever!”

Throgennis wasn’t alone with this sentiment. As the wave of climate change swept over the Future Museum of Mars…

Inside the dome, the increasingly blue sky shone brightly through…

Naturally the sole curator, Frisby Mumph, and his assistant Lilly Whitewater, rushed outside to see…

“Oh, Frisby.” Lilly squealed. “I’m so excited, I’m in real danger of wetting my pants!”

“Worry not, Lilly.” Frisby replied, “I’m old enough to suffer from an enlarged prostate gland: I know all about wayward bladders.”

And in the environs of the Museum of Future Technology, Cushions Smethwyke allowed the launching of reduced-yield defensive weapons in lieu of proper fireworks…

And inside, the Trumptations re-formed (yet again) for an impromptu celebratory concert, which featured several of their hits, including ‘Papa Was a Cringing Wreck’ and ‘Too Busy Sitting on My Bottom’…

So it was mass happiness right across the earplug galaxy. But deep within the bowels of Scroton, those three cable ends that had dared plunge into the fathomless cavern mists…

…Edni Gilbatross, Sponson Croupe, and Saskia Mudhatch, still wandered in the darkness. What might become of them?

The End

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017

Now prepare yourself for the next thrilling tale






  1. Am sure you can deliver the goods with your next Earplug adventure,if not I will complain to the management….lol x

    • Complaints? Oh dear, I’m not sure my delicate psyche can handle complaints. I’m an artist, you know. And a literary genius. There are a few other things I am too, but I can’t quite remember what they are at the moment

  2. Yes., but we won’t go into that.I know I’ve hurt and embarrassed you and I deeply regret it.Last November and December is something I won’t forget.Its at those times you know who your ‘real friends are.

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