Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 31)

Somehow it just wouldn’t have been right for the Worstworld star ship to go into action without her proper captain in the big chair. So Daisy and her team gladly made way for the regular bridge crew – as they arrived for supra-extraordinary duties…

So, once in the metaphorical saddle, Sinclair Brooch, rasped: “Sensors: full sweep. Find them. Find them now. Time is of the essence!”

The ‘them‘ to which the captain referred was, of course, Billious, Kraken, and Narlden. Below, on the same planetary surface, in the Future Museum of Mars, Badgerlilly had returned from her sabbatical of deep cave plunging…

“Hey,” she cried, after hearing the radio traffic on the com-station, “why didn’t we think to use the museum’s sensors? We could have found them losted visitors in five minutes flat!”

Frisby sighed. “Because, Badgerlilly dearest,” he replied. “in your insane quest to fertilise Mars, you used the sensor housing as a compost heap. Now kindly return to your cave: I really must pay attention to what is happening in orbit.”

And in orbit, the K T Woo sensors had swept the surface of Mars with their penetrating rays.

“We have them.” The dark, mysterious native of Wetworld, Stefan Thirdburglar…

…cried out. “They’re over there – trapped in a deep, icy, and impenetrable crevasse!”

This was just the news that Sinclair most wanted to hear. “Attack Plan Pootle.” He bellowed.

A split second later…

…the K T Woo committed an act of lunacy – seemingly at least. It released a barrage of proton torpedoes, which streaked around the planet, to impact together in one supremely well plotted location….

Aboard the ship responsible for the apparent attack, the crew watched the explosion on the main viewer…

They waited expectantly. Nervous expectation turned to flickers of excitement as the ship’s sensors relayed information from the distant surface.

“How’s that impenetrable crevasse coming along?” Sinclair inquired of Thirdburglar, slightly hesitantly – or so thought his wife, Nancy…

“Getting less impenetrable with each and every passing second.” The bridge officer replied. “Look at the planet, Sir!”

So Sinclair did; and what he saw…

…delighted him…

“Oh, Sinclair, sweetie.” Nancy Brooch exclaimed. “It’s just as you visualised it would be. A spread of strategically placed proton torpedoes would begin a series of rapid changes in the planet’s climate. Sinclair – you’ve found a cure for ice-ages!”

And even as she spoke, vast swathes of the surface found themselves free of the permafrost that had imprisoned them. Grass saw sunlight again – in most cases for the first time since the Muffins had swapped their planet for an exact duplicate from an alternative reality several weeks previously…

Even roads and gently undulating downland appeared. And it was on one of these roads that the three, surprised, young earplugs thawed out…

To be continued.

Paul Trevor Nolan 2017




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