Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 30)

This final statement struck a chord with one of the judges…

“How sweet! Well it just goes to show, earplugs aren’t all bad after all: some misguided fools go so far as think they’re fab. I guess that’s a tick in the ‘pros’ box. But it aint over yet: there are still plenty of opportunities to fill that ‘cons’ box to bursting point. That’s right: the future of earplugkind now rests on what the crew of the K T Woo do next.”

The timing of this incendiary statement was chronological perfection itself, because…

…the acting captain, Daisy Pong hit the afterburners. Within seconds the inertial dampers were working overtime, trying to stop the crew from becoming a nasty smear on the rear bulkhead, as the ship accelerated to loony speed…

Sinclair Brooch had been most explicit when he’d presented Adam Binsmell with instructions for whomever was seated at the ‘con’. And the red earplug had passed them on with precision.

“Okay, you guys.” Daisy yelled above the whine of over-stressed drive units…

…”Stand by for big change.”

Of  course what Daisy meant, but couldn’t pronounce, was ‘transition’…

Almost instantaneously the K T Woo shifted into another realm of space. A much faster one…

“Yee-hah.” Ada Muffin squealed with delight at the helm – unlike the rubber bung, Pete Bodger, in the Executive Officer’s chair, who had his doubts about the wisdom of the captain’s plan.

“You worry to much, Pete.” Daisy said through a fixed grin that was centred upon the view screen. “You rubber bung: you have faith in earplug boss.”

“This is so much faster than hyper drive.” The pale figure of Sheila Moonbeam bellowed in a most unlady-like manner. “Coming up on our target in fifteen seconds. It’s a shame that our star drive will be toast when we arrive. This could be a one-way ticket to oblivion.”

Ten seconds later…

…the star drive quit, and the rocket motor cut in. But, as calculated by the Cyber Oracle, the star drive had survived long enough to carry the K T Woo to her intended destination. Now her crew could carry out their captain’s orders…

To be continued.

Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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