Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 25)

Well the terribly superior God-like alien needn’t have worried, because the bridge crew of the K T Woo…

… weren’t really paying much attention at that point. Instead they were hoping to find inspiration for their foolhardy attempt at heroism by watching a recording of Magnuss Earplug’s mission to make first contact with the people of the planet, he was to later name, Scroton…

But when this happened…

…they were a little confused and hugely disconcerted…

“What the heck?” Captain Brooch began. He finished with: “Is there something wrong with the main viewer?”

It was his favourite helmsplug (now on Proton Torpedo launching duties) who ended the subsequent silence…

“I think I have it all worked out.” She said. “The galactic court isn’t just presenting one bunch of evidence: its showing several at the same time. But the bad news is…one of them is us!”

Well you could have hit Captain Sinclair Brooch around the head with an over-sized cricket bat, and he wouldn’t have noticed…

“Oh.” He said. He then added, for his helmsplug’s benefit alone, “I suppose we’d better stop here and take a look around: I wouldn’t want to do anything rash that would result in a guilty verdict for all earplugdom.”

So the ship halted the headlong plunge that had so worried the galactic court, and the crew took a quick look at the planet’s surface…

…which didn’t look very appealing at all.

“Poor Throgennis Frote.” Hakking Chestikov said, as the shift ended and he took Sinclair’s place in the captain’s chair…

…I wouldn’t want to be in his place.”

But a moment later he was feeling somewhat sorrier for himself, as a blinding light…kind’a…blinded him…


…and yet another vast being filled the view screen… 

“Oh do stop hogging the limelight, you pathetic worm.” It growled. “Regard some rather more worthy earplugs.”

To be continued

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017    




About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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