Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 23)

On a world that is mostly ocean, it could only be mere minutes before the crew discovered another island. More importantly, when they did, it was rocky and storm-tossed…

“Ah, snow-capped cliffs.” Hydious noted gleefully. “No sentient being would dream of living there. Right, take us down: we have an alien to set free.”

So, moments later…

…the ship of space became a submarine. Upon the bridge…

…Professor Gout gave the order: “Okay, ditch the fish.”

Immediately afterwards the ship returned to its natural environment…

This was quickly followed by the main drive lighting up, and the ship setting off on another journey…

In the Galactic Court, Throgennis cheered. More importantly he wasn’t alone: one of the judges grinned widely…

…and said: “Didn’t they do well! I don’t know about you lot, but I think that was one of the most selfless acts I’ve ever witnessed. They could easily have shoved that accidental stowaway out the air lock, or even eaten it. I’ll grant them fifteen credits.”

Throgennis didn’t know anything about the worth of Galactic Court credits…

…but, he reasoned, even one must be a whole bunch better than none at all.

“Fifteen.” He said breathlessly. “Wow, aint that something!”

So he was even more surprised when another judge…

…said, “I’ll match your fifteen credits. I think they showed great compassion. Hey, these earplug guys aren’t half as bad as some people say. Let’s go back and check out the others: I have a God-like feeling that we’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

To  be continued.

Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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