Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 18)

Keeping a discrete distance, Magnuss and the others followed the security squad across the desert, until they came across a road that led into a tunnel…

Concerned that they might be spotted in the strangely familiar open landscape, the terrestrial earplugs decided to wait until nightfall before continuing.

“But surely,” Lucian chirped, “night will never come. Clearly this planet has a dark side and a light side. We were on the dark side: now we are on the light side.”

As Magnuss went to respond, night arrived with a suddenness that boggled the imagination, and jangled the younger earplug’s intellects…

On the roadside below the hillside spot where they huddled together, street lights began to twinkle invitingly. So invitingly, in fact, that the group set off immediately – renewing their pursuit of the security squad and their innocent captive. It was only then that Magnuss finally replied to Lucian’s statement:

“I’ve seen this countryside before.” He said. “I believe that before long we will encounter a strange monoculture that stretches to the horizon in every direction – except the one we’ve come from, obviously.”

Nennigross was a smart female: she saw, in an instant, where Magnuss’s tale was leading:

“By the Saint of All Earplugs.” She squealed in an appealing…um…squeal. “This is the planet Scroton. The last place you were seen before magically reappearing in the Museum of Future Technology in a hidden, sealed ‘Ladies’ toilet on one of the lower levels!”

Magnuss’s appreciation of Nennigross soared. “Correcto.” He cried. “Excellente. Muy bien. This is, indeed, the planet I named Scroton. And that security squad is headed for the major city called Scroton Prime.”

“Excuse me.” Lucian interrupted. “But I don’t recall anything about Scroton having a dark side and a light side.”

Magnuss looked up at the night sky…

It was so different to the one he was used to seeing in his youth, when he would lay upon his back on the roof of the house in which his Auntie Doris lived, and stare with wonder at the arch of infinity above him.

“You see,” he said, “intelligent life on Scroton didn’t evolve naturally. It was created by an advanced race, who, even now, protects this fledgling civilisation against interference. When they discovered the cable ends, they knew that they had found a species on the brink of sentience. But, being super intelligent, they knew that merely endowing the pre-Scrotonites with self-awareness and braininess wasn’t enough: they had to create the correct environment for their planned civilisation to succeed. They had to change this whole dark side / light side thing. Enter stage left a vast space craft…

A really vast space craft…”

may19 008 

“How do you know this?” Catford asked.

“Their golden leader told me.” Magnuss replied. “It was as we returned to my saucer. And if we hadn’t been so busy in our crippled flying saucer…

…breaking wind furiously, I would have recognised the constellations, and so identified this planet much sooner. Anyway; on with the story…”

To be continued…

© Paul Trevor Nolan



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