Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 17)

Before long the three fugitives discovered that the ledge, upon which they ambulated nervously, kind of fizzled out…

The way onwards was obvious, but far from clear. A swirling mist obscured their view of what lay below the ledge. Bravely Saskia closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. Then she did something that stunned her new-found chums…

She jumped!

Meanwhile, upon the desert sand, Zip and Magnuss stood open-mouthed…

…as they watched the hyper-efficient security squad capture the last of the innocent yellow desert folk…

“Ah-ha!” They heard the squad leader yell triumphantly…

…”we’re gonna drag you back to the city, and parade you through the streets like some kind of trophy.”

“Show off!” The captive blurted in furious response. “Not that it’ll do you much good: I had oatmeal for breakfast: now my guts need to make room for it. Parade me about the streets at your own risk!”

But the cable end’s threats were ignored, and soon he was dragged away screaming. Whilst Zip went in search of the Trans-Galactic Prospectors, Magnuss ran back to tell the others…

Nennigross, Catford, Lucian, and Julian couldn’t have been more surprised.

“Gor blimey!” Catford exclaimed roughly like the female weightlifter she was.

“Flip me sideways!” Julian and Lucian said as one.

“We have to do something.” Nennigross exploded. “I hate injustice: it makes me wanna puke!”

Magnuss smiled inwardly; Nennigross reminded him of his brave and loyal girlfriend, Hair-Trigger Provost, whom he missed terribly since being whisked out of his flying saucer by unknown and unseen forces long ago whilst engaged upon a mission to save the K T Woo with her.

“Yeah, good idea.” He said. “Any ideas?”

Naturally the four young earplugs were full of ideas…

…but only Fang’s was worth a fig:

“We follow.” The green plugmutt said quietly. “Use Fang’s nose; track cable ends.”

Nennigross wasn’t enamoured with the plan, and Julian felt compelled to look away at the difficult moment betwixt the plugmutt and his registered keeper.

“Right then.” Magnuss said as he assumed command. “Let’s go.”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017

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