Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 16)

And the deeper they plunged into the mysterious interior, the darker it became…

Although the three escapees knew each other loosely – that is they said “Good morning, what a nice day it is today. They say it might rain later in the afternoon.” whenever they chanced to meet in the street; the tobacconist; or the offal shop – none knew the other’s name. So, as they continued to flee apace, they…

…introduced themselves:

“I’m Edni Gilbatross.” The first in line said between deep, nervous breaths. “I peel artichokes and other unpopular vegetables – when I’m not being pursued by government heavies.”

“How interesting.” The cable end directly behind Edni said when he realised that Edni had nothing more to say. “My name is Sponson Croupe. I’m the town’s chief feather boa design engineer. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” The third in line wheezed as she struggled to keep up with the others. “I like feather boas immensely. If I wasn’t the Mayor’s bottom-wiper, I’d wear a different one every day of the year. As the Mayor’s bottom-wiper my name should always remain a secret; but since the mayor himself has been captured and taken into servitude, I guess the whole subject is moot. So I can safely tell you that I’m known as Saskia Mudhatch, which, considering my job, seems vaguely fitting.”

So, introductions complete, Edni, Sponson, and Saskia continued their flight to freedom…

But what they didn’t expect was the discovery that at the end of the catacombs sat a huge…

…cave, which led into a labyrinth of caverns…

“Has anyone noticed that the lighting is brighter down here?” Saskia inquired.

“Strange.” Edni replied. “In theory it should be darker than the interior of my colon at this depth: but it’s bright enough to read a paperback novel by.”

“In large print.” Sponson said as an addendum.

Saskia then asked the obvious question: “What might be the cause of it?”

“Well,” Edni attempted to answer her, “it’s probably bioluminescence, or more likely a hitherto unsuspected cache of buried advanced technology that’s been hidden from us for yonks.”

“Oh, good.” Sponson spoke into the resulting shocked silence. “Let’s go find it: it could make us rich beyond the dreams of avarice.”

So they did…

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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