Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 14)

The Red Alert came as a response to something that had happened earlier. Cushions Smethwyke had been discussing some incredibly important curator’s stuff with some fellow curators in the Great Hall…

…when they were suddenly interrupted by a mob of angry earplugs…

“You have to do something about those poor lost museum customers on Mars.” The mob’s spokesplug and fellow curator, Widerspoon Flange demanded. “You are morally and legally obliged to mount a rescue mission.”

Cushions was horrified: she had no means of keeping up her part of the bargain entered into when a customer buys a ticket that allows them entry into the museum.

“But Space Ship Number Fifteen is no more; the K T Woo is far away in deep space; and the Mars Shuttle hasn’t returned yet.” She complained. “I don’t know how. Do you, Pretty-Boy Plankton?”

“Er, no.” The multi-hued former hood replied. “But I guess you could try the Omnipresent Scanner to find them, and then maybe contact Magnuss Earplug, wherever he is, and maybe ask him to help out. He is a saint, after all.”

“Great idea.” A relieved Cushions replied as she quickly adjusted Pretty-Boy’s plan into something more practical. “Let’s make that official. Go to Crimson Alert. I’ll warm up the Scanner: you call the Earplug Brothers.”

So, whilst Cushions did this…

…Widderspoon met with no success whatsoever contacting the heroic siblings, because Rudi and Valentine were riding the travelator as they passed the timber yard en route to Auntie Doris’s house for a cup of tea and a slice of  lemon drizzle cake…

And Chester and Miles were somewhere…

…arguing the merit – or demerit – of another Anton Twerp work, this time entitled The Mint Sauce Rocket. So it proved impossible for them to make telepathic contact with their talented brother. But although Widderspoon scored zip with his task, Cushions was more successful…

To be continued.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



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