Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 10)

Unimaginably far away across the universe, Throgennis Frote seethed…

He also simmered. He didn’t care how long it would take him – even if it was the rest of his life – but he promised himself, then and there, that when the opportunity finally presented itself, he would personally shove the head of each and every oh-so-self-important alien down the nearest lavatory bowl, and pull the flush lever with all his might. But, for the moment, he kept his own counsel: he would strike at a time of his choosing – when they least expected it.

Meanwhile, back in the Museum of Future Technology…

Billious Botner, Kraken Waiks, and Narlden Haggard had returned inside, where they discovered that an incredibly important sign had been erected.

“By the Saint of All Earplugs.” Kraken exploded verbally. “The Main Thoroughfare is going to close for refurbishment. This is the last chance we’ll ever get to walk its hallowed…um…walkway!”

“Quick, let’s do it.” Narlden urged. “Just in case this sign is twenty-four hours out of date.”

So, moments later, they took (what would almost certainly be) the their first, and last, walk along the famous Main Thoroughfare…

They were pleased to note that there were a few others doing the exact same thing…

…and if they’d bothered to think, they could have asked them where everybody was. But they didn’t. Instead they visited the recently refurbished Oracle information computer…

It’s eyes glowed with artificial sentience as it became activated by their mere presence…

“I am the Oracle.” It informed them needlessly. “Ask me any question, and I will answer it accurately and with alacrity.”

Again the multi-hued trio missed their opportunity. Instead of asking the obvious question, which would have received the answer: “They’re all watching you on giant wall screens.” they asked: “Is there something incredibly interesting we can do that doesn’t involve walking over the Woven Expanse?” To which the Oracle replied: “Have you ever considered catching the latest shuttle craft to the Future Museum of Mars?”

“It’s a bit early in the day for space flight.” Billious opined.

“You don’t have to go now.” The Oracle replied. “The ticket office doesn’t open until ten o’clock. But I’d suggest you form an orderly line: it’s very popular, and the tiny facsimile of the K T Woo starship has very limited seating.”

“Oh.” Kraken said, his interest piqued. “What about toilets?”

“One at the front.” The Oracle answered. “Two at rear.”

Billious didn’t say anything right away. Instead he imagined himself standing upon the red surface of Mars. He’d always wanted to look up at the blue sphere that was Earth.


Then he thought of something else…

Mars, he felt, did look awfully red. Might not his pink chum become hopelessly lost there? Then he realized that it probably wasn’t as red as he imagined…

But it was very sandy there, and neither he nor Narlden liked sand. Then he had an even more startling thought…

“Marsquakes!” He yelled inside in his mind. “They make things wobble!”

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


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