Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 9)

Initially, the watching occupants of the Museum of Future Technology were unable to shift their mental gears quickly enough to recognize the recently installed (post Battle of the  Museum of Future Technology) front entrance…

And it was only when the Galactic Court transmitted an establishing shot of the building…

…did the penny drop and they all went: “Duh, oh yeah, it’s the new front entrance.”

Then they grew alarmed because transferring attention to the museum was bringing the deadly court case too close to home for comfort.

“We’ll be the first to be exterminated!” Mister Pong bellowed. “Death will hold dominion, I’m sure!” He said as an afterthought.

Fortunately for everyone in the vicinity, he’d just closed the lavatory door behind him at the time, so no one was alarmed by his…er…alarmist outburst. In fact everyone was too busy wondering who the newcomers were…

…as they rode the ‘Up’ ramp, and were dazzled by the same whooshes and fizzles

…that had so thrilled the Earplug Brothers on their very first visit. And even a jaded audience couldn’t help but smile warmly as the three strangers came under attack from a  huge fake proton torpedo…

But they didn’t smile as much as the trio of youngsters themselves, who were seeing the show for the very first time…

And their sense of wonder expanded into new dimensions when they stood upon the red circular carpet in the secondary foyer…

…especially as dinky little lighty-uppy things danced around them and tried to get up their trousers legs…

Of course no one knew their names. They were just three more visitors, one of which happened to be the same shade of yellow as Throgennis Frote. The others wore quite vibrant skin colours, one of which could only be described as a sort of reddy-pink; and the other a boldly blatant blue. But whatever their identities, everyone watching wondered what the heck they had to do with the future – or lack thereof – of the earplug race.

Soon the threesome made their way to the legendary Nul-Space Power Generator…

“To think”, the Throgennis Frote look-a-like earplug who was known to his friends, colleagues, and family, as Billious Botner, said admiringly, “Valentine stopped this fantastic piece of super-advanced machinery with nothing more that a hip flask full of ginger beer.”

The pink earplug, whose name just happened to be Kraken Waiks, shuddered at the thought of tampering with such power. And Narlden Haggard just thought that the whole exhibit was really dull. He really wanted more flashing lights and things that tickled you in regions where they shouldn’t.

So when a buzzer sounded, and the lights went up to tell them that their time on the thrilling machine was over, two of them were only too pleased to vacate their places. Billious was less pleased: he really enjoyed the ‘thrum’ of contained power that the Nul-Space generator emitted. And he was even less pleased to discover many of the museum’s corridors utterly devoid of life…

“What’s wrong?” He asked of no one at all. “Has there been an epidemic? The streets are empty: is the mortuary bulging?”

The obvious course of action was to use counter-intuitive thinking, Kraken Waiks reasoned. “If there are no people in all the places you’d expect to be busy; then let’s go some place that ‘s usually quiet as the grave.” 

It was a fabulous idea, and before long they’d wandered out on to the seemingly endless Woven Expanse…

Whether Kraken’s logic was flawed was yet to be determined, but they all agreed that walking took a lot of effort and was ‘a bit boring’. Worse still, Billious couldn’t find a futuristic urinal anywhere…

…and elected to walk away from his resulting ‘accident’ very slowly indeed – hoping that any CCTV cameras that might have recorded the event were looking the other way.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017



About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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