Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 1)

The Museum of Future Technology…

…has, for eons, been a really popular place. And why wouldn’t it be? Advanced technology from the future is sent into the past, where dimbat earplugs from an earlier time can pay good money to goggle at fabulous devices from a more enlightened era…

And where the more affluent and influential can rent futuristic condominiums…

And also where naturally talented shopkeepers, like hover pad sales-plug, Mister Stovepipe-Hat…

…can experience the most terrible kind of vandalism…

In fact the level of vandalism experienced by the aforementioned hover pad emporium owner not only shocked the mustachioed local police constable…

…it also made Mister Stovepipe-Hat decide to give up his business and take his obese wife off to sunnier climes – leaving the hover pad shop to his nephew, Throgennis Frote…

Throgennis knew very little about hover pads, but he was an expert on the subject of vandalism. If he’d been more observant about the former, he would have known that since the arrival of the Chi-Z-Sox from Wetworld, with its much more advanced Hover Bowls…

… he would have comprehended that hover pads were seriously out-of-date and totally unfashionable. So, in his ignorance, he tried mimicking his uncle by wearing a stylish hat…

But he quickly realised that it was doing no good at all: no one wanted hover pads: they were just too ‘last year’. His plan to take over his uncle’s business might have worked; but, it now dawned on him, there never really had been much of a business for him to steal.

So he said: “Bugger this!” and then cast off his loathsome headwear…

…and walked away.

© Paul Trevor Nolan 2017


About Tooty Nolan

Writer of silly tales, taker of pictures, and all round good egg
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8 Responses to Junior Earplug Adventures: We Stand Accused (Part 1)

  1. Jayne higgs says:

    I don’t like the word obese.You always say obese wife,obese girlfriend.I think it’s a bit insulting

    • Tooty Nolan says:

      It’s not meant to be. It’s origins come from the early stories in which I needed whatever earplugs I could find – some of which had rounded bottoms and wouldn’t stand up by themselves. So I placed them in tiny black plastic caps and called them hover bowls. I had to think of a reason why they would ride around in hover bowls, and I didn’t want to make them invalids. Then I remembered the buggies that people ride around Benidorm on – because they’re either unable or unwilling to walk up and down the hills there.Generally speaking they had a tendency towards the obese. In the case of this particular usage, I used an old shot of Stovepipe-Hat’s ruined shop (an alien attack in an early tale), which included one of the aforementioned round-bottomed earplugs. Hense the requirement to maintain continuity and refer to her as obese. I don’t use those plugs anymore, so they shouldn’t make any more appearences. If they do, I’ll not mention the fact that they ride in hover bowls.

  2. Jayne higgs says:

    Did you once mention in your earlier story’s about obese prostitutes in those hover bowls.?

    • Tooty Nolan says:

      Oh yes, I think they hung around in underground car parks. That’s when the stories were rather more ‘adult’. There was also the Obese Lesbian Brigade. I liked them. It’s a pity they had to go when I cleaned up the stories. Thank goodness I found flat-bottomed earplugs to replace the round-bottomed ones!

  3. Jayne higgs says:

    Let’s not forget the lesbian chimney sweep.Now that did make me laugh ha ha.

  4. Jayne higgs says:

    Tooty…I think you have given me the answer.

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