Earplugs Make it Home

As I dragged the earplug props from my ancient Toyota, my wife exclaimed: “Bloody hell: when you said you were bringing a few props home, I imagined a box of bits and pieces. Not this!”

She then added: “It’s more junk to go with the junk we already have in the attic!”

At first sight I could understand her outburst…

But when you look closer, you can clearly see…

…the elements of a reality I’ve been busy creating these past two and a half years.  These are the physical manifestations of what writers call world-building; something that fantasy and science fiction authors do as a matter of course. That makes me a very lucky writer: I don’t need to describe my creations to the reader; I can do what every writer should do: I don’t tell: I show. And now I’m showing you…

…just how bloody difficult that is going to be from now on. Where am I going to set up my tripod?  Where do my ‘actors’ stand? Gonna need a bigger attic.



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