The End of an Era, Dammit!

I mentioned, several months ago, that my ‘studio’ was due for demolition, and that I would need to vacate it. Well…

…it’s not looking good…

In fact it’s the end. No more will the eyes of passers-by delight at the sight of…

…genius in the making. Props that won’t fit into removal van boxes are redundant. Other, less interesting ones…

…slip, unheralded, into the dumpster. Recognize any of these?

There’s the famous bucket that appeared as a coniferous forest on Worstworld, and a fake Venusian surface in the Museum of Future Technology in an early tale; but which (most famously) featured as the museum’s graveyard and home of the earplug zombies…

And is that the End Cap mother ship from The Invasion From Hyperspace?

Yes, it is; and look, it’s being blown up by a pink rocket!

That piece of carpet tile looks familiar. Could it be a dusty plain, perchance?

Of course it could. And if I’m not mistaken, that sheet of red stuff looks awfully like…

…the laboratory floor on Wetworld.

Sadly these, and many more items of earplug lore must go. There just isn’t room for them in my new studio. I know this to be true because my new studio is my attic – and that’s already full up with all my other crap! 



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